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What Is Recoverit

Recoverit is a data recovery software suitable for Windows and Mac. It can restore files from your PC or Macbook, external hard drive, any HDD or SSD – basically any type of erased data. It supports countless types of documents, images, video, audio, and email files.

How Does Recoverit Work

It’s fairly easy to set up the software and understand how it functions. You can visit its website, find the download button, and click on Recoverit free download to try the product.

The installation process is fairly quick and once that’s done, you can use it right away.

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What does Recoverit bring to the table?

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How does it recover files?

Let’s analyze its key features.

Supported Devices

Wondershare Recoverit is designed to meet the needs of both Windows and Mac users.

There are free versions for both platforms, but the paid plans of Recoverit for Mac are a bit more expensive than their Windows counterparts. The software works on Windows 10 and is available for Mac 11.

Supported File Formats

The Recoverit data recovery software can restore more than 1,000 file formats. This includes different types of images, videos, audio, email, and document files.

Our Recoverit review showed that the software can recover DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPR, JPEG, JPG, PNG, RAW, FLA, FLV, MP4, WMV, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, PCM, emails, archive files like WAT, ZIP, document files, such as EPUB, JIS, KEY, LOG, and many more.

Scanning Option

The scarcity of Recoverit reviews motivated us to test all of the product’s features.

Unfortunately, scanning wasn’t as fast as we thought it would be.

First, there’s only one mode of scanning. The software initiates a deep scan regardless of the type of folder or disk you choose.

It took around half an hour to scan 200MB of files, which is not ideal.

Speed is crucial for data recovery, so the Wondershare Recoverit scan speed was disappointing.

Recovery Capabilities

The Recoverit free data recovery plan is OK for testing the software – it allows for 100MB of data restoration. When selecting files for recovery you will see a prompt to register or upgrade, but as long as the data you wish restored is below 100MB you can proceed through the “Recover” button in the bottom right corner.

What are the recovering capabilities of the full version of the software?

The few reviews of Wondershare Recoverit we at HostingTribunal found are divided on this topic; our research was par for the course, as it turned out.

The software did recover some of the files that we wanted, but it missed others. The quality of the recovered files – images and videos in particular – was different than that of the original files – better for some but worse for others.

The software supports most file formats, so its performance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.


We already mentioned it earlier in our Recoverit data recovery review, but it is worth reiterating that the speed wasn’t the greatest.

Scanning, in particular, took a while.

The actual recovery was considerably faster.

File Deletion

Recoverit cannot erase files permanently. Some data recovery software like CCleaner include this feature, but that’s not the case with Recoverit.

Ease of Use

Most users describe the software as easy to use with an intuitive design in their Recoverit reviews describe the software as. That makes it suitable for beginners.

Indeed, the interface is clean and uncluttered, and all important functions can be accessed easily.

Recoverit Free vs Premium

Our in-depth Wondershare data recovery review wouldn’t be complete without an overview of the pricing plans.

Data Recovery for Free

As you know by now, Recoverit has a free plan for anyone who would like to test the software before making the final purchase.

The free version is available for both Windows and Mac users. The software offers a detailed scan of the files you would like to recover.

You can give it a test run for 100MB of data recovery. It is not much but gives a very fair idea of how Recoverit works.

Data Recovery for Windows


The Wondershare data recovery price varies substantially between plans. The software has three individual subscriptions.

  • Essential ($49.95/month or $69.95/lifetime) – You can recover all supported file formats from various devices. The plan has a deep scan, file preview, and free tech support.
  • Standard ($59.95/month or $79.95/lifetime) – On top of everything included in the Essential plan, you can create a bootable disk/USB and recover data from a crashed PC.
  • Advanced ($69.95/month or $89.95/Lifetime) – This package scales things further and includes advanced video recovery options, and you can use it on two PCs.

All of them come with unlimited data recovery but can’t restore overwritten data.

The company also offers team and business plans, ranging from $111.95 to $899.95 a year. Depending on the plan and the number of users, the price varies accordingly.

Data Recovery for Mac

The Recoverit plans for Mac users include the same benefits.

However, the prices are different – the individual monthly subscriptions cost $75.95 for the Essential plan, $95.95 for the Standard, and $105.95 for the Advanced subscription.

The lifetime fees are $89.95, $139.95, and $159.95, respectively.

The price of the team and business plans ranges from $299.95 to $1,599.95 a year depending on the plan and the number of users.

With all plans for Windows and Mac, you get a 7-days money-back guarantee. If you don’t like how the software works, you can contact the support center and your money will be returned in no time.

Another perk that is included in all plans is the 30% student discount.


We were pleased to find out that Wondershare has excellent customer support.

On its website, you can find three different pages – Guide, Resources, and Help center – that will cover any questions you might have. The guide and resource pages for the Wondershare data recovery software provide full, comprehensive, long-form instructions with screenshots to help users solve their problems faster.

You can also type your question in the Help Center’s search bar and it’ll provide you with an answer.

If you want to discuss your problem with someone, there are three ways to contact the Support Center. You can submit an online form, call them via phone, or chat with an agent.

The support is available 24/7 and they reply quickly. The agent we contacted did everything she could to solve our problem.

Recoverit User Reviews

There’s not one product in the world that’s perfect for everyone and the somewhat mixed Recoverit reviews show that this software is not an exception.

The majority of user opinions we found are positive – people love this software. Most users are satisfied with its interface, simplicity, and effectiveness.

But not all Recoverit software reviews are that nice. Some people complain that the free version doesn’t have file recovery – it just gives a preview of the software’s functionality and performance. It looks like they tried recovering files larger than the 100MB limit.

Users aren’t satisfied with the speed of the software either.

The Recoverit reviews on Reddit are fairly positive – users are happy with the data recovery software, as it works as advertised. Here again, some users struggle to stay within the 100MB recovery limit of the free version and complain about being forced to pay, but that’s only natural in the vast world of the internet.

The software is actively developed and its support team is rather active, which explains why the 2021 Recoverit reviews are extremely positive.

When to Use Recoverit

Recoverit Register Archives 2019

The Wondershare recovery software is a good choice if you lose, erase, or compromise your data in some way. You can recover documents, images, videos, and email files from your computer, but also from an external hard drive disk.

The software also provides a detailed scan of the Recycle bin, so if you want to recover files from there, you’ll have the chance.

However, it is not a great choice if you plan to use only the free version because it is rather limited.

Recoverit Alternatives

To finish our Wondershare data recovery review, we’ll check out the competition and see where Recoverit stands compared to them.

Recoverit vs EaseUS

Although Recoverit was developed by a trustworthy company and has millions of users, EaseUS has the better products. Its software has more features, supports many file formats, and offers a free trial with 2GB of recovering storage.

On the other hand, EaseUS is considerably more expensive.

Recoverit vs Disk Drill

All reviews on the Recoverit software and Disk Drill point to the same conclusion – these products are very similar. Both software are suitable for Windows and Mac, support the same file formats, have a free trial, and organize files in a similar manner.

It all comes down to your personal preference, but keep in mind that Disk Drill has a more robust free plan while being more expensive in its paid tiers.

Recoverit vs Recuva

Our research for this Wondershare review showed that Recoverit is a great data recovery tool, but it has a serious competitor in the face of Recuva.

Recuva is simple to use and an excellent choice for first-time users. It offers a great free plan and works perfectly on Windows, but so does Recoverit.

Recuva’s biggest advantage is its cost. Unlike the Wondershare data recovery plans, the price of the other software is affordable, which is a great selling point for many users.



The Recoverit data recovery software is easy to install and use. It supports more than 1,000 file formats and offers a preview of files before restoring them. Users seem to dig it, so if you’re looking for a new data recovery software, you might as well give it a try.

Our Recoverit review raised some questions about the software’s scan speed, but it recovers erased data remarkably quickly.

Sep 16, 2021 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Windows Registry contains the most crucial part of an operating system. Before taking the backup of your drive, it is important to backup and restores the registry as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do it which might alter from one operating system to another. If you won't want to lose your settings, values for programs and hardware, and other important data, then you need to learn how to backup and restore the registry in Windows. We have provided an in-depth tutorial on the same right here.

Registry Editor in Windows 10

In a nutshell, Registry Editor (also known as the regedit.exe file) is used to view, alter, search settings related to a system registry. As you know, the registry contains crucial information about the overall functioning of your system. Therefore, by using the registry editor, one can manage this information on the go. You can follow these tasks as well with Registry Editor:

  • You can bookmark or set a favorite user-selected registry key.
  • It can be used to find respective strings in value names (data) or key names.
  • Setting different permissions.
  • You can import or export.REG files with its interface.
  • You can load, alter, and unload the registry hive format files.
  • It also allows us to remotely edit a registry.

How to Backup and Restore Registry in Windows 10?

One of the easiest ways to backup and restore the registry in Windows 10 is by using Restore Points. They contain the backup copies of drivers and registry with the respective extensions. It provides an easy solution to backup as well as restore registry.

Backup registry by creating Restore Points

Step 1 To start with, press the Windows button and the Pause key to view the System page. In some computers, it can be accessed from the Power menu as well.

Step 2 Visit the Advance system setting option.

Step 3 Now, click on the 'System Protection' on the pop-up window (System Properties box).

Step 4 At the bottom of the window, one can see the 'Create' button (listed under Protection Settings). Simply click on it to proceed.

Recoverit Register Archives 2017

Step 5 Provide a title for the Restore Point and click on the 'Create' button.

Step 6 It will launch the following pop-up window, depicting that the system is creating the Restore Point.

Restore the registry backup

Step 1 Follow the same drill to open the System page and visit the 'System Protection' tab.

Step 2 From here, click on the 'System Restore' button.

Step 3 Alternatively, you also run the 'rstrui.exe' file to get the same result.

Step 4 This will launch the following setup wizard. Simply click on the 'Next' button to initiate it.

Step 5 A list of all the Restore Points will be provided. Just make your selection and click on the 'Next' button again.

Step 6 Agree to the warning message and start the process. Confirm your Restore Point and click on the 'Finish' button.

By following this solution, you would be able to backup and restore the registry via restore points in Windows 10.

How to Restore Registry using the Registry Editor in Windows 10?

You can also backup and restore the registry in Windows with Registry Editor. As mentioned above, the Registry Editor can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. By taking its assistance, you can backup and restore the registry in the following way:

Backup Registry

Step 1 Launch the Run prompt (by pressing Windows + R key) and launch Registry Editor by writing 'Regedit'.

Step 2 After opening the registry folder, select the folder or your computer and right-click it. From the provided options, select 'Export'.

Step 3 This will launch a browser window. Select the location to save registry backup and save it by selecting the REG extension.

Restore Registry

Step 1 The easiest way to restore the registry is by opening the registry backup (.reg) file. Just agree to the following pop-up to run it.

Step 2 Additionally, you can also restore it via Registry Editor. Launch it and go to File > Import. Go to the backup file location and import it.

Step 3 By simply opening the file, it will be restored to your system. The following message will be displayed, depicting the successful completion of the restoring process.

How to backup the Windows 7, Vista, and XP Registry?

Now when you know how to backup and restore the registry in Windows 10, let's proceed and learn to do the same in Windows 7, Vista, and XP as well. Ideally, the process is quite similar to that of Windows 10. By taking the assistance of Restore Points, we can take a backup of the registry and restore it afterward. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Recoverit Register Archives 2019

Step 1 Go to the Control Panel on your system and visit its 'System and Security' section.

Step 2 Click on 'System Protection' to launch its dialog box. From here, click on the 'Create' button.

Step 3 Give a name to your Restore Point and click on the 'Create' button again to take its backup.

Step 4 Once it is completed, you will get the following message. This implies the backup of your system's registry has been taken.

Step 5 Later, you can restore it by launching the System Protection dialog box and clicking on the 'System Restore' button.

Step 6 It will launch the following dialog box. Simply select the restore point of your choice and click on the 'Next' button.

Step 7 Manually select the backup file for the registry and click on the 'Next' button again.

Wait for a while as your system will restore the registry on your device. It will let you know as soon as the operation is completed by displaying the relevant message.

By following this stepwise tutorial, you can easily learn how to backup and restore the registry in Windows 10, 7, XP, and Vista. You can either take the assistance of Registry Editor on Windows 10 or set restore points to do the same. Simply go with the desired option to backup and restore the registry without much trouble. If you face any setbacks during the process, feel free to drop a comment.

  • Allows you to take automatic, full, incremental, and differential backups of system, disk, partition, and files.
  • Supports system restore, disk restore, dissimilar hardware restore, partition restore, and selective file restore.
  • Supports disk clone, partition/volume clone, flexible clone, system clone, and command line clone.
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP (all editions, 32/64-bit)

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