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The Cougar Den includes spaces for esports and esports shoutcasting, vlogging and PSAs, drone racing, robotics, coding, and 3-D printing. The focus is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts. 3D reality capture solution combining a high-performance laser scanner and mobile-device app to capture and register scans in real time. Leica iCON gps 70 T.

I received the following question today while in my hotel room in LA and wanted to write a blog post with images to make the solution more clear, and perhaps assist others with the same question.

“My background in paper space is white with color lines, I want to change the color lines to black lines, I did once but is impossible to remember how I did it.”

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What we want to do is change the Layouts Plot Style to black and white which is “monochrome”, and then select the option to show the Layout with the applied plot Style just as it will plot.

A Layout is essentially what you plot as a large preview, think of it as a piece of paper. Here we see the drawing with a white Layout background just like paper and the color layer based lines. The only thing not shown is the plot style you may apply to the Layout. In this case we want the color line work that will use the monochrome Plot Style to show as Monochrome in the Layout.

Use the Page Setup Manager. I used the PAGESETUP command at the AutoCAD command line or you can right-click on the Layout tab and select Page Setup Manager.

Now select your layout then select Modify.

Now in the Page Setup dialog in the upper right change the plot style to monochrome and be sure to select the option to 'display plot style' as that will make your layout display the monochrome.

Select OK and you are done.


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Snap is rolling out a series of outdoor activations as part of its global B2B marketing campaign, ‘Open Your Snapchat’ which went live in the UK this week and runs until November 19, 2021.

Leila Woodington, EMEA Director of Business Marketing, Snap told us “Building on the success of our consumer campaign this summer, we’ve launched a B2B campaign that inspires brands on how to capture attention and drive results on Snapchat during this crucial shopping season. The campaign showcases work from The NHS, Pringles and Voxi that brings to life how brands can use AR to create engaging experiences that drive business impact.”

The B2B Open Your Snapchat campaign, which has been planned by OMD, will focus on the scale and utility of Augmented Reality and feature campaigns and insights from clients that include The NHS, Pringles and Voxi.

Shelley Bilston, Marketing and Campaigns Manager, Organ Donation Marketing said “NHS Blood and Transplant are delighted with the results of our recent award-winning Snapchat Lens campaign. We identified that young people are less engaged in organ donation, so we needed to take an innovative approach to make the topic relevant to them. Snapchat was the perfect partner given the audience of their platform, and their knowledge and insights of engaging young people. We worked with Snapchat to create a really unique way to educate young people on organ donation, which has exceeded our expectations in terms of impact. Incorporating the body scanning imagery was truly unique and the performance of the lens demonstrates this with 1.3 million earned users reached due to a higher than average share rate achieved across the campaign period.”

This multifaceted marketing campaign is targeting media agency teams across the UK and this week the Out of Home activations will target the media communities in London and Manchester.

As well as OOH, the wider B2B campaign, which runs up to the end of the year, will also feature extensive digital placements, audio ads and content hubs.

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The Open Your Snapchat B2B campaign shines a spotlight on brand success stories in the UK, underscoring the impact AR can have on brand favourability and ROI and the campaign will also highlight the natural role that brands play on Snapchat, and how marketers can enhance their brand experience for the Snapchat Generation community.

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The B2B campaign will also run globally, expanding to Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Nordics, Australia and the Netherlands

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