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Go to the Control Panel, select Programs and Features, and double-click R-Drive Image: Click image to enlarge. Select the language of the uninstall process. Start the Uninstall wizard. Click image to enlarge.

  • Have you guys tried using google drive to find stuff? Just some random stuff I found by typing key words like 'books' Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
  • – Copy data directly from drive to drive – Schedule automatic backups and image creations with Task Scheduler – Run the program from the Live CD or from the WinPE boot CD-ROM. The nice thing about DriveImage XML is that it uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Service (VSS), which means you can create hot images of hard drives that are in use.

R-Drive Image Technician license allows the Licensee (home user or organization) to serve as many computers as required, provided that the software is not installed or run simultaneously on more computers than there are purchased licenses. With one technician license, you may serve any number of workstations or servers within your home network or organization, but you may not duplicate the software and use more than one copy of the software. The software can be temporally installed and/or run on a served computer but should be removed if you need to serve another computer. If you have several technicians and would like to serve more than one computer at the same time, you should consider purchasing multiple licenses.

The local version supports saving the created images (backup files) to network drives as well as restoring the saved images from the network drives, but the software must be installed or run on the served computer. R-Drive Image Technician (local version) does not give you the capability of serving a remote computer.

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R-Drive Image 6.2 Build 6206 All Editions + Serial Keys Latest R-Drive Image All Editions Serial Keys is a tool for taking backup of the computer. With this software you. R-Drive Image 6.0 build 6002 Download with crack & Activation code and Serial key Multilingual 76.86 MB. R-Drive Image 6 is often a effective electricity giving hard disk drive photograph documents generation intended for copy or perhaps replication functions.

R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6309 Crack With Serial Key Latest: 9.

Create disk image files for backup or duplication, restore them, create scripts for task scheduling, verify an image file's integrity, and more

What's new in R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6309:

  • Bugfixes:
  • R-Drive Image could not open incremental images with the total number of disks is larger than 4096 in all sessions. Fixed.

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R-Drive Image is a comprehensive application that allows the creation of disk image files for hard drives and partitions. It comes in handy whenever you want to backup or duplicate files.

The interface is based on a wizard-like and user-friendly window, where you can select an action between creating and restoring an image, copying a disk to another one, connecting an image as a virtual logical disk, creating a startup disk, verifying an image file, and creating scripts.

In order to build an image you have to select a partition, saving directory and file name (to R-Drive Image file - RDR format), as well as configure some settings. You can ask R-Drive Image to verify the file's integrity on task completion, adjust the image compression ratio, backup sector by sector or only the actual data, split the image automatically or to a fixed size, as well as set up a password.


It is also possible to enable a snapshot service provided by Windows Volume Snapshot or R-TT Volume Snapshot (or both), establish the backup process priority and total CPU cores to use, assign backup and snapshot auxiliary applications (with support for notifications), as well as ignore disk read errors. Settings can be saved as default for future projects, and the script can be copied to the Clipboard for further scrutiny.

Furthermore, you can create multiple scripts, use backup sets (set size quota, maximum sets, image files and set age), and either create a new full image or append changes to the last image used in the backup set (differentially or incrementally).

R-Drive Image does not take a long time to finish a backup job. Evidently, this depends on the disk size. It uses low CPU and RAM during this time, so it doesn't hog system resources. Overall, R-Drive Image is a pretty good backup and recovery tool, but its features are not as rich as the ones of other similar products, such as Paragon Backup and Recovery.

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  • An Intel-compatible platform
  • The administrative privileges are required to install and run R-Drive Image
  • At least 256 MB
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R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6309

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