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ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy – such productions include worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or even broadcast television. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies of your computer, ProPresenter operators control a presentation on one screen, while dynamically affecting the visuals and lyrics experienced by an audience on one or more screens. Used by ministries and organizations all over the world for more than a decade, we have taken our valued users’ feedback to create ProPresenter – the evolution of our award winning presentation software.

The Qu-24 is connected to the Mac that runs ProPresenter via a USB cable, which shows up in the Mac as a 32 in/32 out audio device, as well as a MIDI device. This is primarily to be able to use the console as a multitrack and DAW interface, but it also lets us play back audio from ProPresenter media cues without ever leaving the digital domain. Propresenter 6.1.2 crack for Mac.Propresenter Crack Windows is a presentation tool designed to make professional live presentation look easy. Events like conferences, worship gatherings, sporting events, or studio broadcasts are highly recommended to use ProPresenter 6.Propresenter 6 Keygen Mac uses two or more main screens. ProPresenter sends its Stage Display direct to the Mac's Mini Display Port (MiniDP), which connects to the TriCaster Mini's HDMI in, via an inexpensive and easily available MiniDP-to-HDMI cable. One of the TriCaster's M/E buses is set up to lumakey out the black background on the ProPresenter output, and overlay the text on Program.

Propresenter Mac Mini Archives

Propresenter Mac Mini

This major version release builds upon the incredible foundational capabilities we built in ProPresenter and adds completely new functionality to make preparation easier, and the overall impact of your presentations even greater.


ProPresenter has always had smooth, seamless cross dissolves between slides and video elements. Now we’ve added some incredible new transitions. These aren’t cheesy eighties-era wipes. We’re talking 3D animations that are layer independent. So, for example, words can “fly-in” from the top right while backgrounds dissolve underneath. In addition, slide fly-ins can be made to “hover” in continuous motion for as long as they are active before flying off as the next slide flies in.


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