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Propresenter 7 Price; Cost Of Propresenter 7 Trial; Cost Of Propresenter 7; Propresenter 7 Upgrade; Our team at Church Motion Graphics are long-time users of this presentation tool, so we were excited to get our hands on ProPresenter 7. If you’re considering updating from a previous version, or perhaps jumping into this software for the first. ProPresenter User Guide. Welcome to the ProPresenter 7 User Guide. These pages are intended to give you a glimpse of all of the different features that ProPresenter offers. Check out each of the sections below and a little information on what you'll find inside! Getting Started - This area goes through the process of downloading, installing. ProPresenter User Guide. Welcome to the ProPresenter 7 User Guide. These pages are intended to give you a glimpse of all of the different features that ProPresenter offers. Check out each of the sections below and a little information on what you'll find inside! Getting Started - This area goes through the process of downloading, installing.

Ok, before we start, this is post will deal with Apple vs. Windows. I’m asking for fanboys on both sides to set aside their opinions and just listen to what I say. My reasons are well-considered and real-world.

So what are the factors that govern what computer to use for media presentation?

How much is propresenter 7
  • Multiple video outputs – The ideal number is provision for 3 monitor outputs, one for operation, one for the projector, and one for a ‘safety’ monitor that displays the same image as the projector. Some software can go as high as 4 outputs adding an output for a stage confidence monitor. It is possible to work with as few as 2 monitors, operations and projection, but you will then be using the operations monitor as your safety monitor also.
  • High-throughput video card – The video cards available today are really computers in their own right that focus all their capabilities on producing high-resolution, high frame-rate, deep color depth images. The stats on these cards would outclass full computers from only a few years ago. We are looking for lots of memory, fast processors, and outputs for all the monitors you can afford.
  • Form factor – Choose a style of case that will fit in the available space while maintaining airspace for cooling and access to drives, etc. This also governs the possibility of upgrading later on. If you buy a laptop, memory is about the only upgrade you can do. If you buy a desktop or server, you can upgrade or replace almost anything.
  • Memory – This tends to be the place where many people skimp, but this is were you choose how fast your computer will be. I would choose 16Gb as a good number. 8Gb is about as low as I would go given the demands of today’s software.
  • CPU – The central processing unit is the actual computer in your computer. Intel is the accepted leader and the i3, i5, and i7 processors are the primary types you will see looking at computer stats. I would strive for i7, but i5 is good, and I consider i3 a choice you will regret. Core Duo is right out.
  • Support functions – Power supplies and fans are usually overlooked when choosing a computer, but they are integral to the smooth performance of the machine. Power supplies with greater that 800 watts and fans/cases that can move a lot of air will keep your computer working great without overheating.

Here is the controversial part.

I do not recommend buying Apple products. Yep, I said it.
Look at the list above. Notice at no point did I make any reference to ANY operating system. I didn’t say Windows, I didn’t say OS X. The reason why? This is a HARDWARE decision, not a SOFTWARE decision. The operating system will not have a real impact on the effectiveness of the workstation. It doesn’t really matter. In 2006, Apple stopped using the PowerPC CPU in favor of Intel chips like what you find in the majority of Windows-based PCs.
Under the covers, Apple Macintosh and Intel-based PCs ARE THE SAME THING!
They really are! If you spec out a Mac it will be using the same CPU as the Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, etc., computers that dominate the PC marketplace.
“SO wait. You said you don’t recommend buying Apple, right? If the operating system doesn’t matter, why shouldn’t I buy a Mac over a PC?”

You saw that, huh?

Yes, the operating system does not matter.
Yes, PCs and Macs are essentially the same hardware.
If you look at the list above you will notice I didn’t mention any brand names and I didn’t mention any specific products (other than CPUs). This is because there are always new ones coming out. New video cards that are cheaper/faster/better. New memory that is cheaper/faster/better. New CPUs that are…… you get the idea. If I recommend specific products, I will have to update that list every 6 months or LESS to keep up. There is incredible competition with manufacturers and retailers. Someone is always doing something new. Almost anything you imagine is possible. Whatever feature you need is available in the form factor you need. Price is always dropping, so if you can’t afford it now, wait 6 months and look again. I want a touch screen monitor that is built to go in a rack. I want an i7 processor, 64Gb of memory, Solid State drives, room for 4 DVD drives, a video card that can run my touch screen monitor, a projector, a confidence monitor, and an HD reference monitor, in a black case that fits into this perfect space I have in my very cramped sound booth. This is all possible, except from Apple.
Apple computers are beautiful, sleek, and something to display, not hide. Look at their ads. They’re beautiful. They work flawlessly. They put millions into designing the perfect user experience and it worked. Here’s where the problem comes in. How about my rack-mount touch screen? Ummmm, yeah, probably. 64Gb RAM? Not really. Solid State Drives? Sure. 4 DVD drives? ….. No. Video card with 4 outputs? Yes, but it’s about $3000. In a black case that fits my cubbyhole? Highly unlikely.
You see, Apple has spent massive amounts of money to give you a perfect experience for 90% of the situations you will use a computer for. Office stuff? Yup. Email? Yup. Audio editing? Yup. Video editing Yes, but not as good as it was.
The point is that when you step out of their use cases, the coolness breaks down. Odds are, your presentation workstation is not in the 90%. Mac is just not set up to handle that other 10%. The hardware choices just don’t exist or are so expensive that it just doesn’t make sense to spend your limited funds that way.
Spec out identical machines from Apple and HP. The Apple version will cost you about 30% more for the same capabilities.
“Ok, what if I buy an HP workstation and then run the Mac operating system on it?”
Well,……. ya can’t. One of the legal gems in the OS X Eula is that it is not legal to run the Mac OS on non-Apple hardware. Is Apple just being a party pooper? Not really. The way Apple has made sure that their computers work well, is close control of what and who can build hardware and software for their computers. Actually, its more of a death grip. If they control what goes into their computers, they can control the whole environment. If you limit the permutations, you can know how to deal with all of them. It makes sense, but it requires a smaller ecosystem. So you end up with limited choices and limited capabilities.

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Ok, I’m stepping down off my soapbox.

Here’s what it all comes down to. If you move to the PC side you will have more choices and you will have more opportunity to maximize the bang for your buck. Buy a desktop that has room for upgrades and you will be able to replace parts of the computer as need and opportunity presents itself. I have a server case that has held 3 different motherboards, about 15 different hard drives, 3 different power supplies, and it still is a viable machine. Recently we upgraded it to Windows 10 and it is being used as a video capture and editing machine. The case, the only original part, is now 16 years old. I bought the best I could afford each time I replaced a part and it has served me well all this time.

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Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. Let me know what you think.