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Normally there are two types of restrictions for shareware. The first one is the demo version with limited or crippled functionality that doesn’t have an expiry date and another type is the fully functional trial version that expires after a certain period of time. The amount of days given to try are normally around 30 days but it could be shorter or longer depending on the author of the software. In the earlier days, you can easily run the expired software by simply backdating the date on your Windows operating system but some software has got smarter to detect this and instantly ends the trial period.

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You might think to yourself, how does the shareware knows how many days left in the trial period? Most of the time these commercial and freeware protectors drop some information somewhere deep inside your computer after installation so they know when it was installed and then comparing with the official current time pulled from the Internet. It is possible to find the location that records that information by using file or registry monitoring software including third party uninstaller software such as Revo Uninstaller but it can be tedious and frustrating work.

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Here’s a few simpler ways on how you can extend trial periods of software using various different methods.

1. NirSoft RunAsDate

Here’s a few simpler ways on how you can extend trial periods of software using various different methods. NirSoft RunAsDate. As the name might suggest, RunAsDate performs a trick on the trial software that has expired by injecting the time and date you specify into its process. This has a similar effect to manually setting your system.

As the name might suggest, RunAsDate performs a trick on the trial software that has expired by injecting the time and date you specify into its process. This has a similar effect to manually setting your system clock to a different time and date, but in this instance your real clock remains unchanged. RunAsDate can also have multiple instances of its program running at once, and each one can have a separate date, all different to the real one.

As a simple example, if you’re using the popular archiver WinZip and its 30 day trial period has expired, it won’t let you use the program anymore, and you either have to purchase a license or uninstall it. Using RunAsDate, you can set the date back to be within the trial period making WinZip usable again. The image below is WinZip after the 30 day trial has passed, note the “Use Evaluation Version” is now grayed out.

If you now load up RunAsDate, all you have to do is browse for the application to use the program on, in this case “C:Program FilesWinZipWINZIP32.EXE”, then choose a date and time from the pop-out calender to before the trial period expired. Now simply press the Run button.

RunAsDate has a few other options such as allow arguments to be applied to the executable, and also a useful option to create a desktop shortcut which will automatically launch the application with the configuration options you’ve supplied in the window. The Immediate Mode check box can be used to inject the date/time earlier in the process, but is known to cause crashes on some programs, especially those using .NET.

If you run WinZip after entering the right date and time numbers and press Run or launch it via a shortcut, you’ll notice it no longer says expired and the Evaluation button is clickable again. Although time and date altering isn’t going to work on all trial software that has an expiry, it is a very quick and easy thing to try out first before turning to more advanced methods.

2. Trial-Reset 4.0

This is the final version released in 2010 by “The Boss”, and is able to scan and remove 45 types of commercial and freeware protections including some software that uses custom protectors such as Reflexive, Namo, ABBYY, WinRAR, WinZip and etc. In fact if you know the registry location of where the trial information are recorded for a shareware program, you can create your own text file and save it in the Lists folder.

Do note that Trial-Reset does not modify the shareware in anyway. It simply cleans the registry keys generated by the protectors which are normally not removed even after uninstalling the software. This is how a lot of shareware knows you have no trial period left, even if you uninstall and re-install the program again. Trial-Reset is very easy to use. To start scanning, simply click on the All located at the bottom left. The scanning will take a while since some of the methods require scanning the hard drive. The right pane will show all the detected keys that are used by any shareware titles.

You can backup, view or delete the keys, add to protect or auto cleaning list from the right click context menu. If you have a lot of shareware installed, there will be quite a number of results and you will need to do a trial and error to find the key that is associated with the software that you want to reset the trial period.

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my typing master is not working and showing demo version expired. plz give me solution.

Stu1 year ago

At one stage, Lotus 1-2-3 (spreadsheet) should be “unlocked” by carefully HEX editing where the serial number would normally go, with a random number LOL.


I see these are the “least intrusive” ways to do it. I was watching things on YouTube earlier and saw a bunch of people messing with reverse engineering and debugging with OllyDbg, for example. But that’s quite complicated stuff.
People can waste months in that thing ending up in nothing. And the example you said that the info is stored on the servers, like MAC address, current IP and other hardware ID stuff that might lead you to a dead-end trying to crack software which you actually will have a lot of work and in a few updates your cracking method is gone (if published widely).

I’m trying to extend an specific software and this article was pretty useful, actually. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try the last method that interested me. I’m a bit broke right now, but I’ll see if I can get the donation version, so it can come in handy for some situations, where I can’t find specifically cracked software.

Captain Unknown1 year ago

Hi, Did you find any solution. I’ve used runasdate before but for a specific software its not working. What runasdate does it adds configs to launch as previous date (Which it writes on shortcut). But now when try to open the shortcut the application wont launch. Any help?


Does this application – Trial Reset – remove the hidden files of Articulate Storyline? Can it detect and remove the keys etc and allow reinstallation of trial software?

Rishabh2 years ago

Does any of this work with the modern Adobe software? such as photoshop and lightroom?


which one can be use to extend trial period of treeage?

king2 years ago

which one works for trial anti-virus program like avg/kaspersky/bitdefender?


A slim possibility #4 might do something but software that connects to the internet as much as antivirus does will likely store data about your trial online, which you can’t change because it’s held elsewhere.

Kamaz Uzbekov2 years ago

Where are other three ways?


Try page 2…

Alex3 years ago

There is zero reason to ever download, trial, or worse pay for winzip. 7-zip does more, is equally (more?) usable, and is free and open source, with regular releases for Windows.


Just because you prefer one bit of software over another, doesn’t mean you should be instructing others not to use it. Winzip has a different feature set to 7-Zip and they are certainly not equal. If others want to pay for or use Winzip, they are perfectly entitled to do so.

You should be happy there’s so much choice out there and people have options to choose what’s best for them.

Robert2 years ago

For me it’s just a matter of which looks nicer, i don’t need any of the extra things 7-zip does.


thank you sir raymond.

James3 years ago

Thank a billion! It perfectly works for most of my trial software.
God bless Devs from RunAsDate and also Mr. Raymon for giving us info about this amazing software.


The first option worked for me. Thank you so much :)

evans3 years ago

Please does this work on AutoCAD 2012. I just have 15days remaining.


Any body know how to reset trail date key
I look at the ResEdit only show date I try to download again yesterday
I want to know where is date it compair so I can change that date
Have to be 30 day Less than current date
I greatly appreciated if some can tell me where in registry I can change

EC4 years ago

LIte Matt I can’t find the password – have downloaded the zip file but EVERYTHING needs a password? Any help would be great thank you

Free Trial Netflix


The password is clearly stated on the download page…

maucelo4 years ago

can someone tell me if this works for holdemresources? it does not work for me


Found a better way to extend trial:
Close Quickbooks
Delete all the files in this folder: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8
Then enter Quickbooks.

Oto4 years ago

Interesting that for example Sketchup Pro trial doesn’t need to be reset. Just switch off internet and change date to future like year 2050 and then install Sketchup. Do not run yet. Change date back to today and then delete %appdata%Sketchup and %localappdata%Sketchup and %programdata%sketchup. Then run it and it will have trial that doesn’t expire until year 2050.


Any suggestions for Toon Boom Harmony

Mario Green5 years ago

I suggest to run any exe described here with sandboxie to isolate the damage and later delete the files from sandboxie. You also might like to use Oracle VM and mess as much as you like.


RunAsDate works perfect for any version of LabVIEW.

Thank you very much! It helped a lot.

Beanstalker6 years ago

Does anyone know if RunAsDate works with QuickBooks. I’m in month 3 of a 6-month trial that came with a textbook for a class I’m taking. I still have time, but it would be so nice to be able to hang on to the software when the class is over.


Trojan:Win32/Tulim.C!plock Alert Level: Severe

Category: Trojan

Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.


HAL9000 Admin6 years ago

That is obviously a false positive and the file isn’t malicious, it happens a lot I’m afraid.

Like I say to everyone, if you are not comfortable, don’t use the program.


Does any of this work for IDM? if so, which one works the best

HAL9000 Admin6 years ago

We’re not sure as we don’t use IDM, your only real option is to try things out and see…


I’d suggest trying Free Download Manager instead of trying to extend IDM. I used IDM initially but FDM is just as good if not better and, as the name suggests, free.

Krishh6 years ago

Rather than extending it, why don’t you unlock it manually right away? There are lots of tricks available online!


After extracting and trying to run the application on windows for trial rest 4.0, it comes with an error.

Jill7 years ago

Hi – thank you so much for this blog. It has helped me a great deal!!


It absolutely does work !

S K Jain7 years ago

Thanks for this much-awaited post. It is a boon for those who can not afford very high price of the software!


the needs a password to open. What is it?

HAL9000 Admin7 years ago

The password is listed on the page you downloaded the from.

Glad you found it…


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Last modified June 30, 2015

The message is self explanatory. Starting with Prism 6.07 and 6.0g, you need to connect to the internet at least every 30 days or 20 launches (whichever comes first) to revalidate your Prism license. This happens automatically, with no need for you to do anything.

If you are off the internet, you will need to launch Prism while connected.

If you are getting this message even though you computer is connected to the internet, here are things to try:

  • The first thing to do is reboot the computer which solves lots of strange issues.
  • Make sure your firewall doesn't prevent Prism from communicating with the internet. Prism uses port 443, which is the same port that web browsers use when browsing securely (https), but it is possible that your IT people configured your firewall so that web browsers (and email programs...) but not Prism can use that port. If that is the case, ask them to change the firewall settings.
  • (Windows only)Test web browsing using Internet Explorer (IE) if you usually use another browser. Prism uses the IE settings to connect to the internet. Use the Internet Options control panel to fuss with settings until IE works. With Windows 10, you can use the Edge browser instead of IE. If your version of IE is ancient, it may also help to update it (this solved the problem for at least one Prism user). If this is an issue, connect to using IE or Edge. If you see the “OK” response, Prism should connect just fine. If you get a different response, please send it to us.
  • (Windows only) Make sure Transport Layer Security (TLS) is turned on. TLS is a protocol which use cryptographic algorithms to secure the communication between 2 computers.
    • To turn on TLS, go to the Control Panel, choose Internet Options, and then choose the Advanced tab. If you use Windows XP turn TLS 1.0 on. With Windows 7 and later,make sure at least one version of TLS ( 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2) is turned on. See screenshot at the bottom of this page.

If those suggestions don't help,please create a log file and send it to us.

The log file is plain text, If you see “HttpSendRequest failed. Error code 2: The system cannot find the file specified.”, read on for possible fixes.

This message shows up in three cases that can all be easily fixed.

  • Firewall. Already mentioned above.
  • If you use an old version of Internet Explorer (IE 11 or earlier) and have it set to offline mode.
    • To check this, in Internet Explorer, open the File menu and see if the Work offline command is checked. If it is, uncheck it.
  • If you selected 'Use a Proxy Server for your LAN' checked in system's Internet Options, but didn't actually specify a proxy server. So the solution
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to 'Tools -> Internet Options'
  3. Click the 'Connections' tab.
  4. There should be a button labeled 'LAN Settings' near the bottom. Click it.
  5. Under the 'Proxy Server' field, uncheck 'Use a proxy server for your LAN'
  6. Click OK to everything, restart Windows, and try launching Prism again.

A troubleshooting step:

Open the following URL in your web browser:

What is the response? It should be

{'errorMessage':'Invalid request. Missing required parameters.'}

Free Download Graphpad Prism

Let us know if you get a different response.

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