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Morphvox Review

At a Glance

Voice chat is booming in online games (not to mention VOIP), but itcan be disconcerting when the beautiful elf maiden next to yousounds more like Gimli than Arwen. MorphVOX Junior is a freewareprogram which will shift your voice to male, female, or ‘tinyfolks,’ improving game immersion as well as increasing your chancesof people giving you free stuff because they think you’re as hot asyour avatar. Well, sort of. BuyMorphvox pro

The vocal distortion is well done, but it’s not of the samequality as you might see in movies or TV shows. Even with echosuppression turned on, I always had a slight reverb/overlap effect.The selection of voices is also fairly small–a single male,female, or ‘tiny folk’ morph are all that’s included in this freeversion. The commercial version offers more options.

Setup was easy. When you first run the program (or anytimeafterwards, if you wish) a “Voice Doctor” utility comes up to helpadjust sound levels and “train” the program to your voice. Afterthat, just speak and listen. If you wish, MorphVOX will become thedefault driver for your microphone, so that all sounds run throughit. Just be sure to turn it off after the WoW Raid and before yourteleconferencing call with the boss.

Voicemod Vs Morphvox

MorphVOX Pro是一款专业且功能强大的变声软件,它被世界各地的玩家用于创造性的交流,引领变音潮流给你百变嗓音,使用它可以录制需要变的声音进行转换,不仅兼容各大网络游戏及即时通讯平台,也被教育、广播和动画领域的专业人士用来制作高质量音视频变音器具有高质量变音、多重背景音效. MorphVOX is well-designed, and the tools are high-quality. It is a little pricey, which is off-putting for some. Additional voice packs are available for purchase. Where can you run this program? This software runs on Windows Vista to Windows 10 but works best on Windows 7. Is there a better alternative?

The interface is a little non-standard; for some reason, manymedia player apps feel they need to look like anything other than anormal Windows application, and MorphVOX follows this tradition.The unusual window shape and controls do not offer any addedfunctionality; they look cool and that’s it.

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Clownfish Vs Voicemod

The price is certainly right; I can see no reason not to installand test MorphVOX Junior. If you like what it does but want moreoptions, check out the $40 commercialversion.

Morphvox Review Archives

Is Morphvox Good

–Ian Harac