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Nov 21, 2021 Download Graphpad Prism 5 - real advice. Prism 5 Viewer and 3 more programs. Advice › Graphpad prism 5. Graphpad prism 5 social advice Mac users interested in Graphpad prism 5 generally download: Prism 5 Viewer 5.0 Free. The Prism viewer is a free program for inspecting Prism files. The viewer opens any Prism file. GraphPad Prism (Version 5.04 / 5.0d and higher) has been integrated with LabArchives to enable users to directly export projects from Prism into the LabArchives Notebook. Additionally, when a Prism project is opened from within your Notebook, it may be re-saved into the same Page from which is resides, preserving both versions of the file.

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Last modified September 30, 2010

What is LabArchives?

LabArchives is an innovative web-based product to enable researchers to store, organize, and publish their research data. Far more than an 'ELN' (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), LabArchives stores and catalogs all of your research for easy retrieval and publication. Louis Pasteur was quoted as saying 'Chance favors the prepared mind'. We believe that it is also true that 'Chance favors the organized lab'.

Creating a LabArchives account

You can create a LabArchives account at but there is no need. You can create an account right from GraphPad Prism (5.04 or 5.0d or later). Click the LabArchives button, or choose the LabArchives command on the File menu. All you have to do to create an account is enter your email address. You do not need to enter any personal information, and do not need to enter a credit card number. Accounts created this way, from a full (not demo) version of Prism, come with 100 MB of storage space. In contrast, ordinary free accounts only have 25 MB of storage.

Logging on to an existing LabArchives account

If you have a LabArchives username and password, Prism will prompt you to enter it.

But what if you log in to your institutional server, and the logging into LabArchives is done behind the scenes using an authorization system like Shibboleth? In this case, you don't have a username and password specific to LabArchives. But you can get one. After logging into the LabArchives web browser interface, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click “LA App authentication'. The next screen will show you a username (email) and password for LabArchives . Use these when Prism asks you to log in to LabArchives. Prism will remember this information, so you should only need to do this once.

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Sending Prism files to LabArchives


Prism (5.04 and 5.0d and later) can send files to LabArchives. You can do so by clicking the new LabArchives button, or by choosing LabArchive It from Prism's File menu. The entire Prism file will then be uploaded and stored within LabArchives, along with an image of a graph you select. You can add notes and tags.

How to get started with LabArchives?

LabArchives is a very versatile system, so some people are unsure how to begin. You don't need to decide to store essentially all your lab data on LabArchives to begin to use it. You'll find LabArchives to be a time saver even if you begin in a much more limited way. One way to begin is to use it to store data for one project, as an easy way to work from both home and lab (and to provide a backup). Another way to begin is to store experimental protocols or perhaps ideas for future projects.. Another first use might be to organize all the work, including preliminary data, used to write a grant. Over time, you are sure to find new uses for it.


  • Sending files from Prism to LabArchives works very smoothly. The only glitch is when the file name is very long. If the name has more than 90 characters, Prism will truncate that name before sending it to LabArchives. If you use Internet Explorer 6, you may encounter problems with file names longer than 57 characters. If so, the workarounds are to use a different (newer) browser or to use shorter file names.
  • LabArchives is a web-based service, and is normally hosted at Some institutions choose to host labarchives on their own servers. In this case, you must tell Prism which server to 'talk' to. This is done by creating a file LabArchivesConfig.txt. Details.

  • The interaction between Prism and LabArchives won't work with early releases of Windows XP or Internet Explorer. You'll see a vague message, 'Cannot connect to LabArchives'. Use Windows update to get SP3 of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 or later, and then restart Prism.

  • Prism 7 and later use the secure HTTPS: protocol to 'talk' to LabArchives. Prism 6 uses the less secure HTTP, but you can tell it to use HTTPS: by editing the StartupConfig.xml file to include these lines (you may need help from IT person):

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

Student Subscriptions

Students may purchase Prism as a Student Subscription. We also offer course subscriptions.

We offer student subscription licenses to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post doctoral fellows and medical residents.

You may use the license for one year, starting from the day of your purchase. Your license may be activated twice during the one year term. Your student license is exclusively for your personal use and may not be shared with your mentor, other students, or anyone else in the lab.

Is the license specific to Windows or Mac computers?

No. Your subscription will come with a serial number that works for both Windows and Mac.

Graphpad Prism Student Archives Login

Graphpad Prism Student Archives

If you get a new computer and have only activated your license once, you may use your second activation on your new computer. Simply sign in to your account to download Prism to your new computer.

May I install my license on more than one computer at a time?

You can activate your student subscription license on two personal computers (for your exclusive use) during the one year term. If you choose to activate on two computers immediately, this is allowed. However, once you have used both of your activations, you will not be able to install Prism again, not even if you replace one of your original computers.

If I no longer need to use Prism, may I transfer or resell my license to someone else?

No. A student subscription license is the exclusive personal property of the student who provided the ID at the time of purchase. No one else may use the license. It is not transferable, even to another student.

No. Hopefully you won't be a perpetual student, so we don't offer perpetual student licenses.

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May I use a purchase order, or request a proforma invoice and pay by bank transfer?

No. Student subscriptions must be purchased online using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

US$125 per year.

Graphpad Prism Student

  1. Take a photo of your student ID with your phone and submit it to If you don't have a student ID, you may send a letter from your advisor confirming your student status instead. We also accept faxed copies of your student verification (fax to US.858.454.4150). Be sure to include your email address on your fax.
  2. Upon approval, we will send you a unique student code by email.
  3. Your email will contain a link to a special ordering page where you can enter your unique student code.
  4. Complete your purchase with your Visa, MasterCard or PayPal account.
  5. Download and activate your software. Please note that your subscription starts when you make your purchase and NOT when you first install your software. Do not make your purchase until you are ready to begin using Prism.

Professor Course Licenses

Offering Prism to your students to use as part of your course is free.
Learn more about professor course licenses.