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  • Prism makes it easy to create the graphs you want. Choose the type of graph, and customize any part—how the data is arranged, the style of your data points, labels, fonts, colors, and much more. The customization options are endless. Start a Free Trial.
  • LabArchives usually uses a server maintained by LabArchives. If you want to use a local server to host LabArchives files, you can do so.
  • LabArchives usually uses a server maintained by LabArchives. If you want to use a local server to host LabArchives files, you can do so.

Check to see if you have the most current version of your program: - select a version -Prism Win 5.0x to 5.04 - Prism Mac 5.0a to 5.0f - Prism Win 4.0x to 4.03 - Prism Mac 4.0a to 4.0c - Prism Win 3.0x to 3.03 - Prism Mac 3.0a to 3.0c & cX. Prism 5 User Guide. Prism 4 User Guide. Prism 3 User Guide. GraphPad Prism, available for both Windows and Mac computers, combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting (nonlinear regression), understandable statistics, and data organization. GraphPad Prism was originally designed for experimental biologists in medical schools and drug companies, especially those in pharmacology and physiology.

[Zip - Eng] Software analisi statistica dati scientifici
 GraphPad Prism 6  • Descrizione del Software • GraphPad Prism è un software di creazione di grafici scientifici 2D/3D polivalenteche integra sia delle funzioni statistiche orientate alle scienze biomediche sia numerosi strumenti di correzione curve.Inizialmente concepito per i biologi delle scuole mediche e dei laboratori di ricerca farmaceutica,GraphPad Prism è oggi utilizzato in fisica ma anche nelle scienze sociali.Più di 200.000 professionisti in più di 110 paesi fanno affidamento ogni giorno su GraphPad Prismper analizzare, tracciare e presentare i loro dati. GraphPad Prism permette di organizzare,analizzare e visualizzare tutti i tipi di dati scientifici provenienti da esperimenti.  Scheda del Software  Titolo originale: GraphPad Prism 6Os: da Mac OS X 10.4Versione: 6.0eLingua: IngleseGenere: analisi statistica• Note di installazione •Decomprimere il file .zip e copiare su hard-disk  Virus FREE  Controllato con Avast il 12/3/2016 • Note •  In seed h.24/7 con Justseed  • Babysitting & Reseed • Messaggio modificato da jazziman il Mar 12 2016, 03:14 PM
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Last modified July 12, 2010

Prism (5.04 and 5.0d and later) can send files to LabArchives.

LabArchives is a web-based service, and is normally hosted at Some institutions choose to host labarchives on their own servers. In this case, you must tell Prism which server to 'talk' to.

The file LabArchivesConfig.txt

The file LabArchivesConfig.txt tells Prism which server hosts LabArchives. This file has five lines described below. All except 'Server name for browsing LabArchives' are required.

Graphpad prism

In Windows, place this file into the Prism program folder, the same folder that has Prism.exe

In Mac, if configuring an individual license, place the file into:

/Library/Application Support/GraphPad/Prism/Config

If configuring a Mac network license, create 'Config' folder in the Prism program folder and put the LabArchivesConfig.txt into that folder.

If you need to edit the LabArchivesConfig.txt file, and have already logged into LabArchives from Prism, please quit Prism, edit the config file, and then relaunch Prism. If you edit the file while Prism is running, Prism might get confused.

Five required lines in the file

Server name for logging in



Login =

Login =https://123.456.789.000/LabArchives

Login =

Use https if you want logging in to be secure.

Note that you cannot append a port number. This will NOT work:


Using Prism Mac, the login must be secure, so you must use a https URL and the corresponding server(s) must be configured according to Apple's Requirements for Connecting Using ATS. Otherwise, the connection will be rejected by Prism.

Server name for accessing data



API =https://123.456.789.000


Use https: if you want data access to be secure.

Server name for browsing LabArchives

Prism has a command 'Browse My LabArchives' on the menu that drops from the LabArchives button, and also in the LabArchives submenu from the File menu. It points your default web browser to the ULR set here.


Browse =
Browse =https://123.456.789.000
Browse =

Use https: if you want browsing to be secure.

ErrorConnecting: Message to show in case of inability to connect because of error on the server

Suggested text:

Prism cannot connect to the LabArchives server. If the problem persists, contact ####.

Graphpad Prism Archives

This message is limited to 6 lines of wrapped text, each containing no more than 70 characters. Note that 'ErrorConnecting' is written as one word, without a space.

TryAccountBlurb: Message to place on the Try LA tab to explain why it is not possible to create a demo account the usual way

Suggested text:

Your institution has a site license for LabArchives, so it is not possible to sign up for a free demo account.

This message is limited to 6 lines of wrapped text, each containing no more than 70 characters. If you set up your own LabArchives server, then it makes no sense for anyone to use the LabArchives demo, so this field is required. Note that 'TryAccountBlurb' is written as one word with no spaces.

Using a secure server

Enter 'https:' instead of 'http:' in the config file to specify secure logging in, secure data access, and/or secure browsing. There are three separate places in the file to choose 'http:' or 'https:'

To use the secure server from Prism Mac, you need to do one extra step. Launch the Keychain Access utility and additionally assign trust to the certificate for the server you are using. Otherwise Prism won't be able to interact with LA server, due to a certificate error.

To test whether a secure server has proper credentials, launch your browser (we tested with Safari on a Mac), enter the URL with HTTPS protocol and IP address into the address bar, and then click 'go' (or press Return). If there is a problem with the credentials of that server, you should see a message like this one from Safari: 'Safari can't verify the identity of the website ##.###.###.###'. Click the 'Show Certificate' button to learn more.

Example file:

Login =
ErrorConnecting =Prism cannot connect to the LabArchives server.
If the problem persists, call IT at x1234 or email [email protected]
TryAccountBlurb=XYZcorp has a site license for LabArchives, so the free trial is not available.
Contact ABC at x1234 to setup an account.


  • Prism uses port 443 or 80, depending on whether you preface the URL with https: or http: . Trying to set a different port in the URL won't work. This syntax will not work:


Graphpad Prism Archives Free

  • Prism always appends predefined folder 'api' to redirection path, for both for both the login and general LabArchives API URLs. Don't try to include this folder manually. Examples:

LabArchives config: login=
Resulting URL:

LabArchives config: login=
Resulting URL:

  • If your network configuration uses a proxy server which requires authentication, Prism Windows won't be able to connect to the LA server.
  • If your network configuration uses a proxy server which requires authentication, Prism Mac will be able to interact with LabArchives server. But only after you specified appropriate credentials for proxy server in 'System Preferences' -> 'Network' -> 'Advanced' -> 'Proxies' -> 'Web Proxy (HTTP)' and 'Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)'.
  • Don't omit the 'http:' (or https:) in front of the URLs. Without that prefix, the results might be inconsistent.

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More help

If you need more help, and you are using Prism Windows, the first thing to do is create a Prism startup log file and create a log file while trying to login and then upload a file. The bottom part of that file may contain the diagnostic information you need to solve the problem. If not, include that file when you request help from [email protected]

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Prism Mac cannot create a startup log file.

If you need help getting Prism to 'talk' to your LabArchives server, contact LabArchives first. They will be in a better position to help than GraphPad.