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Features Of CleanMyMac Archives App


MacPaw’s CleanMyMac Classic is an all-in-one Mac cleaning utility that keeps your Mac clean and in optimal condition. CleanMyMac Classic has many features and functions that allow you to:

Features Of CleanMyMac Archives 2020

  • Clear caches created by your system and applications
  • Clean up log files
  • Remove the universal binaries that are unnecessary for your Mac
  • Clean out system junk
  • Delete unnecessary language files from your Mac system and apps
  • Empty Trash and get rid of app leftovers
  • Uninstall Mac software completely
  • Delete files without leaving a trace
  • Monitor and manage your Trash status
  • Clean service files from your removable devices
  • Manage built-in widgets, plug-ins, and preferences

Features Of CleanMyMac Archives Youtube

As you can see, CleanMyMac Classic cleans up everything on your Mac to greatly increase its performance.