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I love what OBS is and can be, but as a Mac user I always seem to run into issues. I am recording video conference calls for a sports show, and can get video and all else set up, but cannot capture guests audio. I tried iShowU, Wav.Tap, SoundFlower, nothing works.

Brief - For our final year university project, we had to create two 28 minute films. Originally we had planned to shoot a drama and a documentary which were both unfortunately cancelled as filming began just as the coronavirus pandemic started. In response to this, we decided to create a short documentary series exploring the impacts of the pandemic on the TV industry. This was all created remotely using Skype to carry out interviews with industry professionals. One of the limitations of this project is the use of copyright material. We decided this because we were left with little time and funds to gather enough licensed material.

Audio Hijack License Key Purchase a license key to unlock Audio Hijack for a single user on one or more Macs. $59 USD Purchase Now $59 USD item price + local taxes Special Offers Audio Hijack and Fission Bundle Save almost $20 when you buy Fission with Audio Hijack! $70 USD Purchase Now $70 USD item. In my case it's an Audio Hijack meter. With 26.0.2 I can see the window in my original scene again but cannot set up a new scene with the same window. I'm attaching two screen captures. One shows the old scene with the Audio Hijack window selected and one shows the new scene I was trying to set up and the Audio Hijack window is not visible. Hijack focusing on internet radio streaming and replacing.

Role - Editor/Interviewer/Graphics/Researcher

Outcomes/challenges - I found this project to be highly rewarding and challenging. I’ve always had a keen interest in exploring archive footage enabled by creating this documentary.

Our main challenge was working out a good way of recording interviews. We settled on using software called OBS in combination with Skype and audio recording software called Audio Hijack. We directed our contributors to wear headphones and use a microphone where possible to improve the audio quality. Overall the content of the interviews was of great quality as the contributors provided excellent interviews. Simple steps could have improved the quality of sound and video with extra resource enabling us to send out mics.

Another challenge for the group was collecting archive footage, especially the sourcing of content that showed productions. As this is sensitive material, it was hard to find. Through our contributors, we were able to access more BTS footage that was essential for the series.

Audio Hijack License Key Archives

As an editor working remotely, I had to deal with the challenge of sharing my edits with the rest of the group for collaboration. To overcome this, I utilised Vimeo review enabling the group to leave feedback and keep the project progressing smoothly.

Creatively I found the edit very engaging as it allowed me to explore new ways of storytelling. My goal was to be experimental, with this achieved in the style of documentary.

Overall the experience was invaluable to developing my ability to be responsive, agile and adaptable in creating an innovative documentary series with a short turnaround.

Password - Televirus

Audio Hijack License Key Archives

[Note: this post has been substantially revised since it was first published — JamKazam is now issuing frequent updates, and one of them broke the method was using when I first wrote this. To be fair to JK, that’s probably because one part of it was never exactly right, but skated by. What follows has been updated so that it, y’know, works.]

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I spent a day and a half last week trying to figure out how to get audio to route from JamKazam to OBS for streamcasting. Getting JamKazam’s video into OBS was simple; it’s just a window-capture of the JamKazam video window, and I was able to very quickly configure OBS to take video input from JamKazam’s video and from some music-visualization software ( BTW, invoking JK’s video-shuffler, which automatically changes the video-window layout when there are multiple players in the window, crashed the machine — that’s the next challenge).

But audio was a pain in the ass. I’ve done a lot of hating on OS/X audio already here, but I just can’t hate it enough — it’s the worst of Apple arrogance, in which they set things up to be “easy to use” — and they are, until you actually try to do anything with them. Years ago somebody said that Apple products are characterized by a very shallow learning curve that very quickly becomes a vertical brick wall. Nowhere is that more true than it is with audio routing. Of course, there’s a vigorous aftermarket in add-on audio routing products (I regularly use Audio Hijack, but got sticker shock from Loopback, which looks like a really good, if pricey, product). In this case, the problem was complicated by defects in OBS, which appears to have troubles playing nicely with OS/X Catalina. So to be fair, it ain’t all Apple’s fault.

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My notes follow.

Lessons learned

  • In order to test properly without further alienating my friends (thank you for your patience, Karl and Charles), I set up a bogus JK user on a dual-boot laptop that runs Windows. Highly recommended as a testing technique.
  • OBS appears to have issues with the OS/X version of JACK; couldn’t get it to work. For alternate OS/X audio-routing software, I’m using Blackhole.
  • OBS (in its most-current version) has issues with ALL routing software when started from the icon/Finder. You MUST start it from a terminal window. This appears to be an issue with OS/X Catalina, mentioned here (with the proper command-line invocation to use to avoid the problem):

Routing setup

  • Install Blackhole (sort of a poor man’s Loopback). Everything you need is here: . Simple installation procedure is fine. Blackhole needs no further setup
  • Set up a multi-output device using AudioMidi Setup.
    • I call mine “JK Funnel” for clarity.
    • Blackhole should be the master
    • Include your audio interface and Built-in Output as well. This is mostly for convenience in monitoring. Enable “drift correction” on both (that’s what OS/X calls resampling, and if you match the sample rates on your interface, Blackhole, and the Built-in output none should actually occur)
  • While you’re in Audio Midi Setup, go through and make sure you’ve got the sample rates set uniformly for everything you’re using in the multi-output device.
  • You may want to restart the machine after you do this. I have the sense that sometimes changes don’t “take” until the machine’s restarted, but that could be fantasy.

Interface setup in JK

  • Audio gear device setup in JK:
    • Use whatever inputs you need from your audio interface (in my case, it’s a MOTU)
    • Set outputs to “Blackhole 16ch” channels 1 and 2
  • Track/instrument setup in JK
    • Stereo track from MOTU Microbook ch 3 and 4 ( line in), labelled “Computer”
    • Mono track from MOTU Microbook ch 1 (mic), labelled “Voice”
  • If you screw up any part of this for any reason, save yourself some pain and just delete the whole gear setup and start over.
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OBS Audio Setup

  • Settings window, Audio pane
    • Set sample rate to match interface (48K)
    • Set channels stereo
    • Under Devices:
      • Disable everything except Mic/Auxiliary Audio
      • Set it to Blackhole 16 ch
      • Set monitoring to built-in output. This is a convenience for testing.
  • In Scenes (main window)
    • Add an “existing audio input capture”
    • Set device to Mic/Aux

OBS Video setup

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  • Add video window capture
  • Set to JamKazam video window
    • NOTE : if you’re running multiple workspaces/desktops, JK and OBS must be on the same one; if not, OBS won’t be able to find the JK window.
  • Getting video resolution/scaling right is a nuisance. This works for my setup and limited bandwidth
    • Set JK video window size by
      • Clicking on window
      • Select Webcam from top menu
      • Select “select capture settings”
      • Set to 640×360
    • Adjust OBS scaling, bandwidth and framerates
      • Open Settings
      • In Video tab
        • Set Base Canvas resolution to 1280×720
        • Set Output resolution to 640 x 360
        • Set framerate to 30
    • If OBS is complaining about overwhelming the encoder, see this for more suggestions:

Adding streaming radio (or other video outlets)

Audio Hijack Obs Software

Interestingly, the members of the electronic music community have different preferences for how they listen to (or watch) streaming events. It’s possible to extend this setup to send audio only to a streaming radio station by sending an analog signal to a second computer, either by splitting it off from whatever you’re using to monitor JamKazam (I use a small headphone distribution amp), or by cabling from the headphone jack on the Mac. I have tried using AudioHijack to send an icecast/shoutcast stream, and also LadioCast. Both worked initially, but then died after 45 minutes or so. I suspect conflicts or memory leaks.

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I have not yet experimented with, which sends a stream to multiple audiovisual outlets, but if it works with OBS — and it does — there shouldn’t be any reason why it would not work with this as well.