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We have created for you a rating of the Best 8 Arp VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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1. Cthulhu

The Chord and Arp Monster VST MIDI-FX Plug-In Harmonic Inspiration, Made Easy.


One Note Becomes Many. Cthulhu is firstly a chord memorizer and player, allowing you to experiment with creating and reworking chord progressions with single-note presses.

Included are over 150 factory chord presets allowing for a near-unlimited amount of possible musical-sounding chord progressions.

Import MIDI or ‘record’ chords straight in, Cthulhu is able to analyze the chords you play and allow for various sorting options (Circle of 5ths, Chromatic, low note, etc) allowing for easy access over your chords!


Transform your chords in new ways. The other half of Cthulhu is a unique pattern-based arpeggiator, allowing incoming notes or chords to be manipulated in various rhythmic ways.

The 8 tabs of the step-sequencer allow you to completely reshape the incoming MIDI notes, even a single note fed into the arp can become a unique and rhythmic riff!

Even if you have other arpeggio software plug-ins, Cthulhu’s arp is unique and powerful with advanced features such as chord-arpeggio mode, ties, duration / velocity sequencing, intelligent transpose, harmony, and more!

Every tab of the sequencer can operate on its own length, allowing for evolving polymetric arpeggios.

From simple to complex, from chaotic to creating precise arpeggio – you imagine in your head!

2. Captain Plugins

By: Mixed In Key

Captain Plugins 5.0 OUT NOW

Mixed In Key is excited to release an epic update, Captain Plugins 5 for Mac and Windows. The updated VSTs allow for super-fast songwriting and creation of chords, melodies, bass lines and drums for any genre of music. Captain Plugins are designed for use by producers, DJs and songwriters.

Here’s everything that’s new in Captain Plugins 5.0:

  • Edit MIDI inside Captain Chords
    • Captain Chords now includes full MIDI editing, including the ability to add or delete notes, move notes up and down to create new chords, resize chords and draw in rhythms. The interface identifies the name of each custom chord that you create.
  • Host VST plugins inside Captain Plugins
    • Use your favorite presets from third-party instruments directly inside Captain plugins. This feature offers producers a unique workflow and allows popular plugins like Serum, Sylenth1, Kontakt, Spire, Arcade, Omnisphere and more to be used as the sound source inside Captain Plugins.
  • Discover Beautiful New Chords
    • On the second row of Captain Chords, there’s a new selection of chords that work well in the selected key, scale and scale degree. Those chords provide beautiful voicings to allow for more experimental songwriting.
  • Use your computer keyboard as a musical instrument
    • In Captain Play in the ‘Play Chords’ section, the types of chords that are available on each row of the computer keyboard have been improved. Root position, 1st and 2nd inversions, borrowed chords, 7th chords and complementary chords are now available. One keypress plays the entire chord.

Use multiple Captains at the same time. When you make a change inside Captain Chords, it automatically sends the chord progression to Captain Deep, Captain Melody and other plugins. Your entire composition stays 100% in key.

Useful tools are on-hand to help you customize your chord progressions:

  • Customize and explore different chords
  • Discover the sound of different Keys and Scales
  • Add a strong foundation to your tracks
  • Write memorable hooks
  • Add huge basslines to your music
  • Use 100+ sounds, or route to your favorite VST synth
  • Route to your favorite Hardware synth
  • Apply rhythms to anything you’ve written
  • Plus: Guaranteed upgrade to other plugins currently in development
  • Identify and “Write In” Any Chord from your MIDI keyboard
  • Strum
  • Swing
  • Chord Progression Layouts
  • How-To-Guide

The Mac and Windows versions include Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep and Captain Play. Captain Plugins can be purchased for $79, and Captain Plugins and Captain Beat can be purchased together for $99.

Captain Chords 5.0: Chord Progression

  • Write your own chord progressions
  • Apply rhythms to your chords
  • Set your Key and Scale for the entire song
  • Explore different chords and discover your favorite combinations
  • Compose music and write your own songs
  • One touch plays 3 notes of the chords

Captain Beat 5.0: The Ultra-Modern Beatmaking Plugin

  • Mix and match rhythm patterns per-channel
  • Hundreds of high-quality drum sounds
  • Play and record rhythms with computer keyboard or MIDI controller
  • Sophisticated MIDI editing
  • Add your own samples
  • Wave-form visualizer
  • Advanced audio and MIDI export options

Captain Play 5.0

  • Play 4 octaves of notes in any Key and Scale using your computer keyboard
  • Always play the right MIDI notes in-scale. Come up with your own melodies that sound great
  • Play complex chords with one key-press
  • Make your own melodies and chord progressions with your own fingers – no presets needed

Captain Melody 5.0

  • Write melodies that suit your chord progression
  • Connect the Melody plugin with Chords plugin
  • Apply different rhythms
  • Apply arpeggiators that move your MIDI notes
  • Adjust the tension between the Chords and Melody
  • Hear the melody played with 100+ different sounds

Captain Deep 5.0

  • Write basslines that groove along with your chords
  • Connect the Deep plugin with Chords plugin
  • Apply different rhythms
  • Follow the chords: any change in your Chords plugin will auto-adjust your bassline
  • Hear the bass with different bassline sounds

3. Kameleono

By: MIDIMood

Kameleono is a new kind of a live musical instrument. It brings the power of side-chaining to the MIDI world by using your DAW to build patterns and sequencer steps. This enables live performances with accurate timing and unlimited complexity. You can use it to play or program the most high speed and complex modern melodies, bass lines, etc. You can also use it to simulate professional playback of a real instrument such as a Piano, Guitar, etc., as shown in the demo video. How Does It Work? Kameleono is unique. In addition to the standard MIDI-In / MIDI-Out you’ll find on any other MIDI FX plugin, there is also a side-chain MIDI input called Pattern-In. The Pattern-In acts as a data source for Kameleono’s internal engine and can be used for Arpeggiator Patterns, Sequencer Notes, Sync Markers, etc. Kameleono is a multi-effect MIDI plugin due to its modular design. Every module can be used separately, or in conjunction with other modules.

  • The Flow Module handles note mapping such as Arpeggiator and Sequencer.
  • The Pattern Module handles loading and playback of pre-recorded MIDI pattern files.
  • The Chord Module handles chord mapping to single notes.
  • The Scale Module handles notes filtering.
  • The Express Module handles velocity and various MIDI controls.
  • The Sync Module handles timing and synchronization.
  • The Hold Module handles note hold functionality.
  • The In:Out Module handles input and output settings.
  • The Audio Module is actually a basic synthesizer.

High Precision Engine Kameleono’s engine processes MIDI notes with Sample Level Accuracy. Your output notes will be right where you expect them to be. Processing is done in parallel to the DAW’s audio signal flow, introducing Zero Added Latency and Extremely Low CPU Usage. Innovative Arpeggiator A modern pattern based arpeggiator with a full polyphonic support. You can produce highly diverse and rich patterns easily and quickly. Side chaining allows unlimited steps, notes length, etc. Combined with advanced timing, this frees your imagination and creativity like never before. Unlimited Sequencer Sequencers are powerful, yet usually limited to one note at a time and a small number of steps. Kameleono’s sequencer removes those limitations, introducing a new level of sequencing with Polyphonic Patterns, Unlimited Steps, Per Note Shuffling and much more. There is also a special mode for drums. The sequencer can act as a note gate, allowing synced mute/un-mute of individual drum instruments in real time. MIDI Expression Control Both Notes-In and Pattern-In can be used as Notes-Out Velocity Sources. You can also use both sources in Mixed Mode by moving the NOTE<—>PATTERN slider to set the Effect Ratio. The same functionality is available for MIDI controls such as Pitch-Band, Channel-Pressure, Volume, Modulation and Pan. Advanced Timing and Synchronization When it comes to producing professional, yet humanized output, advanced timing and synchronization is a must. Fortunately, Kameleono’s timing engine has a lot to offer in that department. You can set your note’s start and stop timing sources separately. You can even design an independent sync layer by adding sync markers to your pattern. Further tweaks to match your hardware and personal timing capabilities are also available, including Note-In/Pattern Latency and Note In Granularity. Configurable Note Hold With six modes to choose from, a freeze button and two timers, you have total control of Kameleono’s note release mechanism. Notes can be Auto Released using a timer, Sync Released using a marker and Sync Replaced using a Freeze marker. Notes can be Toggled On/Off every time a key is pressed. You can also use the Stick Time to define the time needed to press and hold keys before the Note Hold’s Engine kicks in. Flexible I/O MIDI ins and outs are easily configured to meet your needs. You can set the channel, transpose and active note’s range. For maximum flexibility, transpose and active note’s range settings are available independently for Notes-In, Pattern-In and Notes-Out. Build-In Basic Synth You can test your setup without an external instrument. The synth has One Oscillator and three wave forms: Sine, Saw and Square. Configurable ADSR is also available. When routing MIDI output to your favorite instrument synth, sample, etc. you can turn the synth module off. Since the synth uses an Aliasing-free, High Quality Oscillator, you might however choose to keep it on for your productions and live performances. Remote Automation Almost every UI element such as selectors, buttons, sliders, etc. are mapped as plugin parameters, giving you the ability to use your DAW’s automation system to control, record and replay Kameleono’s configurations in real time. You might for example want to turn the note-hold functionality on and off at a pre-defined places on your performance timeline.

What’s new with Version 2.3

  • Showing note’s velocity by changing note’s colours.
  • Pattern module now supports re-triggering.
  • Ability to Save/Load Presets.
  • Library of pre-made presets for various tasks:
    • Realtime Quantize.
    • Note Repeat.
    • Note Hold.
    • Mono Mode.
    • Basses & Drums.
    • Arps & Chords.
  • Free EDM Chords included.
  • Free Drum Patterns included: House, Chillout, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, etc.
  • Loads Cthulhu’s Chord files.

4. Phrasebox

By: Venomode

Phrasebox is a phrase arpeggiator that gives you control over the playback like never before.

With it’s DAW-like piano roll you can create expressive, layered melodies that aren’t limited in timing and length compared to traditional step arpeggiators.

The notes of the piano roll correspond to the pitch order of notes, with “special” notes (like the loudest or quietest notes played), which let you control exactly which notes you want to play. It also features a lock to key option so your transposed notes are never out of key, and the included controller window lets you also send MIDI CC data out to your instruments.

Phrasebox also features generation options, so you can generate unlimited unique phrases at the click of a button.

Phrase Arpeggiation

Turn simple chord sequences into expressive melody lines and musical phrases. Simply design your phrase in the piano roll, and Phrasebox will play back the pattern using whatever notes you input.

You have complete control over how the phrase is played. Select notes in pitch order, or use the special selectors – such as the loudest/quietest or first-played/last-played. Your phrase will be played back with sample-accurate timing.

DAW-Like Control

Phrasebox isn’t like traditional step sequencers or arpeggiators – you have full control over the timing and length of notes as you would in your DAW. Alongside velocity controls, you can also adjust each note’s transposition, and even select a random chance that the note will play.

If your transpositions end up falling between the notes of a scale, you can enable the “Lock To Key” feature to make sure your riffs are always in tune.

Controller Editing

Alongside note patterns, you can also send MIDI controller data. With up to 8 assignable controllers, you can design everything from piano parts using the hold pedal, to automated synth filters and pitch bends to make the perfect melody line.


If you want quick access to an unlimited number of phrases, you can use the built-in generation tools to quickly get inspiration. Simply set how you want the notes and controller data to be generated, and Phrasebox will create a unique phrase pattern with just the click of a button.

5. ChordPrism

By: Chord Prism Software

ChordPrism is the new supercharged big brother of Autotheory. Offering a completely seamless activation process and User Experience.

Easily create signature basslines, melodies and arpeggios from any chord progression.

Our improvements upon traditional Scale, Arp and Chord effects provide users with unlimited possibilities for creating their own unique sound.

Chord Prism is recognized as a VST Instrument and AU MIDI Effect within your DAW (no AAX format available yet). It does not produce any sound, but allows you to load an additional VST Instrument within itself. The AU MIDI Effect fits into the signal flow like other native Logic MIDI Effects.

The VST version of Chord Prism can also act as a MIDI Output to other Instrument racks within DAWs taht support this type of routing.

This is NOT compatible with ProTools


  • Chord Generator
  • Smart Scale
  • Step Sequencers
  • Multi Arp
  • Instance Sync
  • Multi Instrument Performance
  • Chord Editor
  • Export MIDI
  • Key/Chord Shifters

Chord Generator

Play one finger chords from any Key or Scale. Choose from multiple chord types (triads, 7ths, 9ths) and multiple inversion and voice leading options. Apply Strum, Repeat, Hold and Velocity effects.

Smart Scale

Play amazing basslines and melodies with our patented Smart Scale. Features different mappings for different experience levels. For beginner mappings, the Scale shifts with each Chord Selection. This allows you to keep your hand in the same position, while the right tones shift to your fingers.

Step Sequencers

Program and apply different rhythmic patterns to the content you create with the Chord Generator and Smart Scale. Chord Prism comes with a wide range of genre based presets which take full advantage of the Step Sequencers.

Multi Arp

Create from a palette of multiple one finger arpeggios which can be applied to any chord selection. Our patented Multi Arp allows you to mix and match arp patterns into unique directional and tempo changing combinations.

Instance Sync

When using multiple instances of Chord Prism within a project, each instance will share Key, Scale and Chord information. This allows you to quickly add elements like bass, melody and arpeggios to a chord progression without having to think about what tones will work over the chords.

Multi Instrument Performance

Play a chord progression, melody and bassline simultaneously with different instruments inside of your DAW… like you have four hands. Chord Prism’s Mute buttons allow you to isolate specific roles for each instance.

Chord Editor

Adjust the notes of each defined chord on a step by step basis with our patented Chord Editor. Create any inversion, voicing, extended or altered chord imaginable. A powerful tool for more experienced users looking for advanced accompaniment options.

Export MIDI

Once you have gotten your track to where you want it, you can easily drag and drop the actual midi notes being performed to an instrument track within your DAW.

Key/Chord Shifters

Change your key or chord types on the fly with Chord Prism’s shifter keys. Great for live performance or quickly auditioning different ideas in the studio.

6. Reaktor Cycles

By: Cycles & Spots Software

Cycles & Spots deliver another fine instrument for NI Reaktor for producing in musical genres ranging from Ambient to Deep Tech. This one creates rhythmical arpeggio-like sequences based on hundreds of one shot samples.

These “cycles” are synced to your DAW and can be harmonically tuned by MIDI input. You have several controls to influence the pattern and to edit the given effects reverb, delay and filter. The sequence can also jump between different sounds and can randomly pan.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 Reaktor Ensemble (With Several Hundreds Of Embed Sounds)
  • 453 MB

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1

Software Requirements:

  • Reaktor Full Version V6.1 Or Higher Needed

7. Liquid

By: Cycles & Spots Software
Cycles & Spots return with another fine instrument for Chillout, Deep House, Synthwave to Techno productions. Introducing, Kontakt Synth Liquid.Arcade
Kontakt Synth Liquid is a wavetable synth for Native Instruments Kontakt 6. It makes use of Kontakt’s latest updates like the fantastic reverb & Replika delay, and of course the wavetable synthesis.

Free Output Arcade Vst Torrents

Kontakt Synth Liquid comes with 125 ready to use presets for your productions. You’ll find basses, arpeggiators, chords, evolving pads, synths and effects, most of them are modulating over time as this is one of the special features of this synthesizer. 2 Wavetables can be used and 12 tempo-synced LFOs can modulate the wavetable characteristics and the given filter.

Further you can choose between 20 chords and also edit an arpeggiator to your likings.

Last but not least 5 excellent effects round up your sound designing possibilities.

Kontakt Synth Liquid Contains:
  • 1 Synth For NI Kontakt 6
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • 12 Tempo-Synced LFOs
  • Arpeggiator Module
  • Chords Module
  • 5 FX (Chorus, Stereo, Plate, Delay, Reverb)
  • 125 Presets:
    • 25 Arp
    • 33 Bass
    • 24 Chord
    • 8 FX
    • 20 Pad
    • 15 Synth
  • Walkthrough Video
Software Requirements:

Arcade Output Vst Archives 2018

  • Full version NI Kontakt 6.0.2 (& higher) needed

8. Arp-EG classic

By: Tek’it Audio

Arp-EG Classic is a powerful MIDI arpeggiator plug-in for Windows.


Easily create in no time more complex bass lines, irresistible leads, swinging drums… it’s up to your imagination! Play arp on all the instrument you like, even your hardware synth (using your DAW MIDI out) with Arp-EG.


Use one of the six playback mode on up to four octaves range to create complex arpeggio. Speed up or slow down your arp sync on the beat of your DAW. Play on the integrated keyboard without the need for a dedicated controller.

Arcade Output Vst Archives Torrent

Groove & Expression
Improve the groove using the shuffle and gate function. Control the expression with the transpose function and notes filter. Give to each note his one velocity, play polyphonic chord or notes sequence.

Output Arcade Vst Crack 1.3.6

Assign all the parameters to your MIDI controller easily. Click on “Learn” on the parameter, move the control on your MIDI controller, and that it’s!

Changed your mind? Undo your changes on all the parameters with a single click.


  • Six arpeggio playback mode.
  • Shuffle and Gate length control.
  • 2 Gate modes, normal and fast.
  • Polyphonic chord or notes sequence.
  • Two velocity handling mode.
  • + or – 48 semitones transpose.
  • Filter out notes range.
  • Integrated full range keyboard with notes display.
  • Notes Hold mode.
  • Full MIDI automation support.
  • Easy MIDI learn on all parameters.
  • Use 7-bit MIDI Continuous Controller or High resolution 14-bit MIDI NRPN and RPN.
  • Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load…
  • Undo your changes to initial preset value.
  • 25 Factory presets.
  • Up to 32 user presets per bank.
  • Comes with a comprehensive user manual.
  • Easy installer.

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