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AMTEmu is a tool used to activate Adobe CC products for free. It is the best and only tool that can allow you to activate all Adobe products for life. This tool is also known as Universal Adobe Patcher (UAP) or Adobe Universal Patcher (AUP) among people.

It will activate any product in a few clicks, you don’t need to follow the steps of the charge. This tool is quite simple to use and has many advantages that you will find in the features section. By using it, you can activate all versions of Adobe 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Presentation AMTEmu


  • 2 Characteristic of AMTEmu
  • 7 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

AMTEmu or AMT Emulator is developed by the famous Russian developer named PainteR. People also know this software and search on Google under the name AMTEmu by PainteR. We will discuss this great activator below in which I will also explain the installation and activation process.

Adobe is the most famous company that has developed many products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom and many others that you can find on their website.

As you know, all Adobe products come with the 0-30 day trial period. Once the trial is over, you will no longer use these products, so if you wish to use them continuously, you must purchase them. What if you don’t have the money or don’t want to waste it buying this product?

Here AMT Emulator is used and you will know why this tool is so useful and famous. This does not increase the trial limit or add another trial. But with the help of this tool you can activate them for the rest of your life. In addition, you will get all the latest product updates.

Characteristic of AMTEmu

Here is the list of features of Adobe Universal Patcher also known as AMTEmu – AMT Emulator so that you can understand them more easily.


It’s the freemium tool and he’ll never ask for money. You can use it on as many machines as you like and for as long as you like. It is free and will always remain free so you can also enjoy Adobe products and all their features for free.

Lifetime Activation

Unlike Computer Trial Reset programs, AMTEmu never resets a trial period, but it does activate your Adobe product for the rest of your life. You only need to reactivate it right after uninstalling it or installing a new version of Windows.

No prohibition problems

This tool activates the products in such a way that they will never be captured by Adobe servers. This means that your account will never be banned from Adobe’s servers and you will be able to use it fully. It activates it in such a way that Adobe thinks it is registered with the original Adobe key.

All-in-one activator

Yes, you’ve heard that it’s all in one activator, which means you don’t need to have separate activators for different products. This single tool is sufficient for the activation of all products like Photoshop CC 2019, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, etc.

Windows and Mac support

This tool is supported by Microsoft Windows as well as for Apple Mac OS X under another name, namely Adobe Zii. Now you don’t have to worry about the Mac anymore because you can enjoy it for free.

Other features of AMTemu Emulator are given below:

  • It is undetectable by Adobe servers: AMTEmu will never send your activation date to Adobe. It also does not store log files, after activation, it will automatically delete these files from your machine.
  • You can use your Adobe ID with this tool
  • Can be used on Windows 10/8 / 8.1 and 7
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions
  • This is a portable software so it does not install on your computer.
  • It’s the very light waist
  • Advertising free
  • Free of Viruses and Trojans

These are some of the main features of AMTEmu, an alternative to Adobe Zii Patcher for Mac.

AMTEmu installation file information

Size1.50 Mb
Updated1 day ago
installed10 000 000+
Operating systemWindows

Download AMTEmu Emulator on Windows

Use the download button below to download AMTEmu CC – AMT Emulator Universal Adobe Patcher for free via a direct download link site.

In only 10 seconds of account you will get your activator and crack AMTEmu on RDCongo for free and fast

So be a patient while Universal Adobe Patcher is downloading to your computer.

Steps to install and activate Adobe Patcher 2020

After downloading AMTemu on Windows, follow the guide below to crack any Adobe creative cloud software for free.

STEP 1: Extract the file ” ” with a compression and decompression software. Ex : Winrar, Winzip

Archive password : atm

Caution: Before proceeding to the NEXT step, be sure to :

– Remove all protection until the end of the activation (Antivirus, …)

– Disable protection background checks in applications

– Disable any network check connection (WI-Fi, Cable connection, Mobile data,)

– Disable cloud features (disable Adobe ID)

STEP 2: Run the file “amtemu.v0.9.2-painter.exe” in the folder

Note: Let me clarify that AMTEmu by PainteR does not require installation. This means that it is completely portable and you can simply extract it and use it on your PC.

STEP 3: In the new window that launches, select only the Adobe product in trial version (paid) that you wish to activate and then simply click on the “Install” button.

Ex: – If you want to crack Photoshop CC, then select Adobe Photoshop CC (X year)

– If you want to crack Lightroom, then select Lightroom (X year)

– If you wish to crack Adobe Premiere Pro, then select Adobe Premiere Pro (X year)

– If you want to crack InDesign, then select InDesign (X year)

– If you want to crack After Effects, then select After Effects (X year)

– So on and so forth

STEP 4: On the new window that opens, find and select a file named ” amtlib.dll “ in the path where Adobe is installed on your Computer and click ” Open “.

  • C:Program FilesAdobe (for x64 users)
  • C:Program Files (x86)Adobe (for x32 users)

STEP 5: If all went well, you will see the message “WORKING DONE” in the AMTEmu screen. Now close the activator and activate the antivirus (if you are using one).

STEP 6: Restart your computer and simply open the adobe products you corrected). Here you will see that there is no option for activation or countdown to trial expiration.

Programs supported by AMTEmu

Here is a list of Adobe products supported by Universal Adobe Patcher :

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2016

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC

– Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

– Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

– Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

– Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

– Adobe InCopy CC 2015

– Adobe InCopy CC 2014

– Adobe InCopy CC

– Adobe InCopy CS6

– Adobe InCopy CS5.5

– Adobe InCopy CS5

– Adobe Audition CC 2015

– Adobe Audition CC 2014

– Adobe Audition CC

– Adobe Audition CS6

– Adobe Audition CS5.5

– Adobe Acrobat DC

– Adobe Acrobat XI

– Adobe Acrobat X

– Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

– Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

– Adobe Illustrator CC 2016

– Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

– Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

– Adobe Illustrator CC

– Adobe Illustrator CS6

– Adobe Illustrator CS5.5


– Adobe Illustrator CS5

– Adobe Illustrator CS4

– Adobe Lightroom CC (with Dehaze function)

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2016

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


– Adobe Photoshop CC

– Adobe Photoshop CS6

– Adobe Photoshop CS6 Preview

– Adobe Photoshop CS5.5

– Adobe Photoshop CS5

– Adobe Photoshop CS5 Preview

– Adobe Photoshop CS4

– Adobe After Effects CC 2018

– Adobe After Effects CC 2017

– Adobe After Effects CC 2016

– Adobe After Effects CC 2015

– Adobe After Effects CC 2014

– Adobe After Effects CC

– Adobe Audition CC 2018

– Adobe Audition CC 2017

– Adobe Audition CC 2016

– Adobe Audition CC 2015

– Adobe Audition CC 2014

– Adobe Audition CC

– Adobe Audition CS6

– Adobe Audition CS5.5

– Adobe InDesign CC 2018

– Adobe InDesign CC 2017

– Adobe InDesign CC 2016

– Adobe InDesign CC 2015

– Adobe InDesign CC 2014

– Adobe InDesign CC

– Adobe InDesign CS6

– Adobe InDesign CS5.5

– Adobe InDesign CS5

– Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015

– Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014

– Adobe Media Encoder CC

– Adobe Muse CC 2015

– Adobe Muse CC 2014

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

This AMTEmu FAQ Section answers a list of the most frequently asked questions collected on the Internet. So if you have just installed an Adobe product activated using AMTEmu but still have questions. This section is yours.

Do I need to disable my antivirus before opening AMTEmu Emulator ?

Yes, you need to disable your Antivirus or Windows 10 defender. Because it can remove Adobe Universal Patcher because all keygens and activators are blacklisted by Antivirus.

AMTEmu Emulator activates adobe version 2020 products as well?

No, this will not work on the latest 2020 versions of Adobe products. I’m trying my best to find and bring the patcher that supports these versions so that you can also enjoy the latest features with the latest design.

What is the password for the Adobe Universal Patcher file?

This is given in STEP 1

I encountered a problem “amtlib.dll” not found. What should I do?

It’s simple, just download the latest version of amtlib.dll, then paste it into the Adobe installation folder. The procedure is given in STEP 4

What is the best alternative to AMTEmu for Windows?

CCMaker uses AMTEmu to patch the software, instead of CCMaker you should try using amtemu, it is the best inactivation, millions of people using ccmaker it always works better for them but recently many people use amtemu for better results and permanent activation.

Any other questions?

Please contact us.


AMTEmu or Adobe Universal Patch is simply one of the best and most useful activators I have ever used. It is the one I use and recommend for cracking the adobe CC products for free. If you found it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Download Amtemu CC For Mac developed by PainteR. It’s world best activator and many prople use this. Amtemu 2020 Mac have two version first one is windows version and second one is macos version. Here we share mac system version. So just follow our post then you get easily direct link Amtemu for mac and install process.

AMTEmu MAC is the tools for Mac OS X can be used to activate all Mac Adobe Products. Amtemu CC 2020 Mac tools that modify the “amtlib.dll” registration file that contains the activation product keys for all the Adobe CC.

What is AMT Emulator MAC?

AMT Emulator OR AMTEmu OR AMT MAC is a free emulator Patcher and it’s designed to remove all authorization mechanism and activate Mac OS Adobe product software. This AMTEmu Mac OS X can active mostly all versions of Adobe MAC CS and CC programs from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 year and older, it also work some adobe cc 2019 products.

AMTEmu CC Support:

  • Adobe After Effects CC 2016 Pre-release, 2015, 2014.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC, XI, X.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015, 2014, CS6, CS5, CS4.
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, 2014.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6, CS5, CS4.
  • Adobe InCopy CC 2015, 2014, CS6, CS5.
  • Adobe Audition CC 2015, 2014, CS6, CS5.
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2015, 2014, CS6, CS5.
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC CC 2015, 2014.
  • Adobe Muse CC CC 2015, 2014.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 2014, CS6, CS5, CS4 Pre-release.
  • Adobe Lightroom CC (with Dehaze feature).
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, 2014.
  • Can Activate 2017 and 2018, and some of the first releases in 2019.

Support Operating System:

MacOS support latest vesion Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10 and lower version.

How to Use AMTEmu for Mac?

We post below many install process please try first. We test everything working fine 🙂

Option One [GUI]

  1. Install the required Adobe software in a Virtual Machine.
  2. Pick the installed application from the list or specify its version, name and ID manually. This data is required for some app’s features and will be used as a stub.
  3. Run AMTEmu and locate the application. It will be replaced automatically with the emulator framework file.
  4. Copy the installed app (/Applications/*) and all

extense files if they exist, for instance, old versions of Photoshop require the TypeSupport files (/Library/Application Support /Adobe/TypeSupport/*) from VM to the host operating system.


Apps might work incorrectly or terminated with an error, if the required component won’t be copied. For example, Illustrator CC 2015.3 requires the following file:

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/IPC/

  1. Now you can use your application.

Option Two [GUI]

  1. To install the emulator, select the required Adobe app from the list or specify its version, name and ID manually. This data is required for some app’s features and will be used as a stub.

2-1. Run AMTEmu and locate the application. It will be replaced automatically with the appropriate emulator framework file.

2-2. [Optionally] Remove all protection files and AAM to disable all the tracking and update check:

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLCache

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore_v1

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE


And so on.


Apps might work incorrectly or terminated with a error, if the required component will be deleted. For example, Illustrator CC 2015.3 requires the following file:

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/IPC/

  1. Use the application.

Option Three [MANUAL]

  1. Open AMTEmu (use “Show Package Contents” options) and copy



To the required app’s folder:



Copy IMSLib.dylib stub to /Contents/Frameworks/ if required.

  1. Edit options in the painter.ini file using any text editor for the current application.
  2. Use the application.


The configuration files should be named painter.ini. Place it in the same directory where lib is stored. If it not exists, then defaults will be used.



Use INI or use default options

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App name

Name=Adobe Photoshop CC



App version


App serial (as a stub)


Adobe ID stub

Person GUID (as a stub)


AMT Library version, example 7.x.x.x


And so on.


[Backup files]

Backups files with the .DEL extension.

[Force lang for apps]

Forces the specific language for apps.

Note: some apps can have no support for the selected language.

Amtemu 2019 Mac Archives Download

[Replace IMSLib.dylib with a stub]

Amtemu 2019 Mac Archives Download

Replaces the Adobe’s authentication library with a stub.

[Enable the genuine RetrieveLibraryPath algorithm]

Apps are using this function to find the path to the file IMSLib.dylib (which is the authentication library). By default, this emulator will redirect all paths to the current framework directory.

If it is required to return the path to the installed AAM, then this function should be used.

Note: when enabled, the IMSLib.dylib stub library won’t be used!

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