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Now that I have some time on my hands, I’ve decided to become more Ninja like with my keyboard fu. To that end I have thrown myself into using Alfred 2.0 a lot more. There are a whole host of really useful workflows published on the Packal site and there are a large number of articles on useful and good workflows, that have really kicked started my use of Alfred.

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Searching Google Drive with an Alfred workflow. Posted on Mon 22nd November, 2021. If you use Google Drive on macOS, chances are Spotlight isn't indexing your File Stream paths. This long-standing limitation is a problem because if Spotlight can't find those files, neither can Alfred. Alfred uses Spotlight's indexing, so it sees what. With Alfred workflows you can turn your butler into a super butler! Alfred is also infinitely better than asking Jeeves, which apparently is still possible, but I can’t say I recommend it. Alfred is an incredibly powerful app and something our support team has adopted to help us get things done more quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Alfred Workflows Archives

Alfred Workflows Archives -

I have also written my own workflow that binds ctrl+cmd+alt+F to toggle the functionality of the ‘fn’ key on an Apple keyboard. Everytime the shortcut is executed it toggles the behaviour from default apple behaviour to naked functionality and vice-versa.

I’ve just coded a very short and non perfect Alfred workflow to be able to use command a freebox player (French set-top box), using Alfred’s workflows. It can be downloaded on packal: freeboxrevolution. This is definitely with non guarantees and requiers many improvement. I hope it can help some of you.

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Alfred workflows Archives list

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I have published the workflow on Packal as well as put it my PublicCode github repo